​Fees, financial help and payment

Understand how fees are structured, how to pay your fees and find out about the the financial help available.

Firstly, understand how your fees are determined:

Your course fees are made up of the following components:

1. Tuition fee

The tuition fee is calculated on the basis of the course hours for each unit. These hours include a wide range of delivery and assessment activities and may not always be used for classroom teaching. The course fee is the sum of fees for all units you are enrolled in.

  2. Resource f​ee

Resource fees are charges for material that are essential to a course or unit, and are purchased by the college to be consumed or transformed by students during the course. Each course page gives an indication of the resource fee on the fees tab, however you will only find out the exact amount you need to pay when you enrol.

How to find out what your fees are

Courses that are offered full time have fee information on their fee tab on the individual course page. Fees may vary depending on the units you are enrolled in so an approximate amount is shown, they may also reflect the previous semester's fees if the next semester's fees have not yet been released.

Here is  a summary list of indicative fees for 2016.

 Indicative fees for 2016


3. Additional fees

There may be additional costs that you will pay during the course to cover items such as textbooks or uniforms.


Fee Caps

There is a cap on the fees you pay:

Secondary school students:

In 2016, there is a cap of $415 per year for students born on or after 1 July 1998, who are at least 15 years old and who undertake training that is not part of a VET in Schools program. Resource fees are not included in the annual cap.

Other courses:

​Course fees for diploma and advanced diploma will not exceed $7,780 per course per year.

Resource fees are not included in the annual cap.

All these caps apply to Priority Industry Qualifications, General Industry Training, apprenticeships and traineeships and Foundation Skills courses, and to concessional and non-concessional students. These caps do not include fees for Recognition of Prior Learning or commercial courses (fee for service).




Financial assistance

There are a number of options to assist you with funding your studies at the college including government loan schemes, concession rates and instalment plans.

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