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Conditions of membership

In order to make the library experience pleasant and to create a productive working environment for library users, as well as protect its resources and equipment, the Library has instituted the following conditions of membership.

​1. Responsibilities of library users

a) Behaviour in the Library which is offensive to, or disturbs other library users is not tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave by the library staff.

b) Library property is to be respected and patrons must not act in a manner which causes, or is likely to cause, damage to library property.

c) Mobile phone users need to be considerate of other patrons if they need to make or receive phone calls in the Library.

d) Children must not be left unsupervised in the Library. ‘Children’ means people 15 years of age or under, unless on work experience or enrolled as a student at the Central Institute.

e) No animals may be brought into the Library, except for guide dogs.

f) Library users may be requested to show their bags for inspection.

g)  The Library does not take responsibility for personal belongings left, lost or stolen in the Library. Please refer to Student Services Policy (PCY001)

h) Only North Metropolitan TAFE - Central campus students are permitted to use the computers in the Library and must agree to abide by the Acceptable Use of Internet (Student) Po​li​cy (PCY054)​.

2. Registering and borrowing

a) Library membership is valid for the duration of enrolment.

b) To register as a library member, students need to present their current enrolment form with the cashier's imprint or their student ID card. Staff need to present their swipe card.

c) Clients may register and borrow material from the Library on the conditions prescribed by the Library manager. Provision may be made for different categories of borrowers and different loan terms.

d) Library membership is non-transferable.

e) A borrower is responsible for all library materials borrowed using their card.

3. Returns, renewals and recalls

a) Borrowed items should be returned to the Library by the due date.

b) It is the responsibility of every borrower to ensure that all their items are placed in the designated Returns location.

c) Any item of borrowed library material may be recalled by the library staff and must be returned to the Library by the date requested.

4. Copying

   a) Library materials may be copied only in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1968, as amended.

5. Penalties

a) A person may not borrow any library material or utilise facilities if they:
       i. have overdue library materials
       ii. are in breach of membership conditions
      iii. have not paid fines for lost items
      iv. are under suspension

b) A borrower who loses or damages Library materials or equipment is liable for replacement or repair costs.

c) Any borrower who receives a ‘notice of outstanding account’ should contact the Library immediately.
The Library manager, or nominated library staff, reserves the right to suspend or cancel a borrower's privileges if these conditions are breached.​​


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